Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Our position is correct,, Alderaan"

Disappointingly (or perhaps more accurately, disgustingly) the individual scenes from Star Wars Uncut have disappeared from the Star Wars Uncut site. Instead, there's a link to the Star Wars Uncut Special Edition full movie file. This is especially irritating for me because while my scene was in the official play through on the site originally (it had more votes than the other scene that was completed; when you autoplayed, my scene was in the movie), it was not in the Special Edition (so, the SE of Uncut is much like the SE of the actual movies). So the work of most of the people (there were two versions of almost every scene, and more than two of others, right?) has just disappeared from the Star Wars Uncut site. But not from the internet; we all had to upload to Vimeo, so the scenes should still mostly be there. Here's mine: 

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 426 from Ted Watts on Vimeo.
(Also, here's a rough working cut: )

Uncut has had a bad habit of being grindingly opaque, providing minimal updates since before the initial project was finished. Let's hope they're just shaking out the bugs on the current site and the many great scenes that currently can't be seen will make their way back to the official site.

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